Hello Houndini: Will my dog jump the dog gate?

Is your dog a bit of an escape artist? Are you looking for a solution for Houndini's wandering ways?

Dog-G8 is designed as a management tool to keep your dog safely where they belong. We are often asked whether a dog can jump our Dog-G8 and the simple answer is, no, not at the front door. 

When you are opening a front door, after a day at work or to the courier, you are always in attendance to give commands to stop any potential jumping. We're yet to have a single reported case of jumping over the gate when mounted to the front door.  

What your dog will like about your Dog-G8?

Your dog can see right through the Dog-G8, which can relieve any curiosity and frustrations that may arise about what's on the other side. Since your dog can see clearly, they generally feel less excluded from the action, which reduces the risk of them attempting to jump the gate.

Many clients have told us that the gate's design offering such a clear view has resulted in their dog being much calmer about any separation.

Having a physical barrier that doesn't block your dog's visibility works far better for most dogs than being shut behind a solid door.

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How tall and strong is Dog-G8?

Our pet safety gate is 88cm tall, made from mild-steel, and finished with a Chrome plate. 

We have trialed the dog gate with up to 30kg of force, and it held up. So even if your hound gives it quite some gusto, the gate will withstand this.

We have tested Dog-G8 with many large breeds ranging from Mastiffs to Bernese to Pointers and German Shepherds. None of whom have managed to break through or jump the gate. It really is a lot more robust and durable than it looks.

We are working on bringing out a taller version in 2023 and it will be ready for Summer. 

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Why does a dog jump a dog gate?

If you're worried that your dog may try to jump your dog gate, let's explore what their motivations might be, so you can decide whether our Dog-G8 will be a good fit for you.  

5 Common reasons dogs jump up or try to escape

  • Excitement
  • Frustration
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety
  • Fear

If your dog is suffering from any of the above, please seek the help of a positive dog trainer or behaviorist to help you. A safety gate is a great way to keep your dog protected while you make progress.

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 You can pair Dog-G8 with other happy things for your dog to help them enjoy their gate.  For example, some enrichment activities like stuffed Kongs, long-lasting chews, and snuffle mats can really help your dog to build a positive association with being behind the gate.


We love hearing your Dog-G8 tales. Please do get in touch and let us know what your dog made of theirs!