Frequently Asked Questions

How sturdy is the product?

The gate itself is incredibly durable. Made from steel and joined with screw-locked clips, it's deceivingly strong.

The chrome variant is more durable and provides more strength than our powder coat option. We recommend Chrome for customers with multiple dogs, large dogs, and industrial use.

It is crucial to obtain a strong fixing for the brackets that house the gate.

How strong are the adhesive tabs?

We have extensively trialled 3M VHB adhesive tape. Applied correctly to uPVC/Composite surfaces they will hold your Dog-G8 securely. In our trials, the adhesive tabs held firm with a direct constant pull force of over 30kg. 

If the adhesive becomes obsolete, we can supply new or alternative adhesives for your solution. Please Contact Us .

If the adhesive option is not for you, we do provide Timco Self Tapping Screws for a screw fixing into the surface area.

How do I fix Dog-G8 to my front door?

If you have a uPVC or composite door, we provide 3M VHB adhesive tape, and no screwing into your door is needed. If you have a wooden door or are happy to screw, we provide the required Timco self-tapping screws.

Detailed instructions on how to fix a gate are included with all orders.

My front door is not flush, can I still fit it?

This is not a problem. You can fit a Dog-G8 into almost any setup. Whether you have a little reveal, side wall, rail, or other the gate will work.

The instruction pack included has specific sections for different configurations, and we are always on the end of the phone for support.

I need a slightly wider gate, can I extend it?

Yes, you can purchase extra mid sections to give your gate the added width needed.

Can I get into my house from the outside with Dog-G8 on?

Yes, as you open your front door the dog gate will expand, and you can easily unhook the gate from the brackets to let yourself in.

Can I let people into my home when Dog-G8 is on?

Yes, you simply unhook the safety gate from its door bracket, and your door will open as normal, allowing you to let people in.

Can I hook Dog-G8 to the door as I leave the home?

Yes, as you're leaving the home, you can engage Dog-G8 from the outside, when you arrive back home, the gate will span open for you. You can let yourself back in the home from the outside too.

Can I fit Dog-G8 to alternative doors in my house?

Yes, Dog-G8 can be fitted to any internal inward opening and sliding doors. You can either purchase a second gate or additional brackets.

Whats the difference between Dog-G8, Dog-G8 Plus & Dog-G8 Motorhome?

Dog-G8 is designed for a front door.

Dog-G8 Plus is designed for larger, wider openings in the home, such as stairways or hallways. Dog-G8 Plus has a width of 93.5cm.

Dog-G8 Motorhome is designed for Motorhome and Caravan entrances.

All gates have a height of 88cm, come in Chrome or White, and can be folded flat when it's not in use. All gates come with detailed instructions.

Where do you ship to?

We're UK based. We use DHL Express Service or FedEx Express for all International orders. And DHL Express for UK orders. You can find the delivery pricing at the checkout. The prices vary based on location.

Can you use Dog-G8 on Cats?

Yes the gate does work well for cats. We have had many successful reports and reviews of the gate from cat owners. However, user discretion is advised.

Do you provide taller gates?

At the moment we have two heights available. 88cm Tall and 1.2metres Tall.

Does Dog-G8 work on outward opening doors.

The gate does functionally work on outward opening doors. However, if you have a step down, this will create a space for a dog to drop down and underneath the gate. If you have no step down, the gate will work very well.

Can gates be used outside?

The Chrome variant can be used outdoors. We advise the gate is brought inside when it's not in use, to prolong the lifespan. The powdercoat version is not to be used outdoors.

How wide are the gaps between the gate?

The gaps between each panel are only 5cm.