From Peterborough to Horsham

Made in the UK

The Dog-G8 range is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. With the metal work curved and welded in Peterborough and the joining clips moulded in Horsham. Ensuring the highest quality for you and your dog.

Fully Assembled


All gates arrive fully assembled and the gate installation is simple and adaptable. The mounting brackets attach to PVC doors or surfaces using the included 3M high-grade adhesive tape, requiring no screws for UPVC/Composite/Glass/Metal surfaces. For other materials, such as wood or plaster board self tapping screws are provided.

A comprehensive instruction pack is included to ensure easy and efficient set up.

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Safe & Secure


Dog-G8's construction features mild-steel metal, finished with either a chrome coating or a white powder coat, providing robust strength suitable for you and your dog.

Its modular design offers flexibility, allowing you to adjust the gate's width as needed. Adding or removing panels easily modifies the opening, with each panel extending or reducing the gate's width by 10.5cm.

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As & when you need it


Dog-G8 offers convenient detachability from its mounting brackets, enabling easy storage or relocation. With the purchase of extra brackets, you can use Dog-G8 on various doors and openings in your home (brackets sold separately click here).

All gate variants are lightweight, ensuring effortless handling and removal.

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Customise to any width


The gate's unique design relies on custom two-piece plastic clips, secured by a central chrome locking screw. These speicalised clips are crucial for the gate's modular and concertina design.

Manufactured and designed in Horsham, UK, the same town where The Dog-G8 Co. originated, these clips embody local engineering and quality.

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