Dog-G8 is a versatile safety barrier. Easily install for all kinds of doors, openings, stairways, motorhomes and more!


Easy to Install Dog-G8's brackets can be attached to any uPVC door with 3M VHB high grade adhesion tape, no screws are required. Alternatively, the brackets can be can be screwed into a wooden door, newel post or wall with screws provided. 

Durable Dog-G8 is made from Mild-Steel and coated in Chrome.

Lightweight Dog-G8 weighs 1.10kg. Dog-G8 Plus weighs 2.50kg 

Removable Dog-G8 can be detached from the brackets, allowing you to move the gate out of the way or to a different door or opening within your home (click here for additional brackets - sold separately).

Modular Dog-G8 allows for additional sections to be added or taken away, resulting in a wider or narrower opening (click here for additional mid sections - sold separately).

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Unobtrusive Dog-G8 can be folded flat to a width of 13cm. 

Bespoke Holding Clips Dog-G8 comprises of customised two-piece plastic clips, with a centre chrome locking screw, that joins the gate together and allows for the concertina movement. 


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