Choosing the Right Dog-G8 for Your Back Door: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering fitting a Dog-G8 to your back door? But you might be unsure about which gate suits your specific needs. Questions like "Will my gate be wide enough?" or "Will it fit my door?" might be running through your mind. Rest assured, we have the answers you're seeking. This blog aims to guide you in selecting the right gate for your back door, tailored to the style of door you have.

Lets dive into what your set up is and what is the most appropriate gate for you and your dog. 

1) I have Inward Opening French Doors: If you have inward opening French doors, the perfect gate for you is our Dog-G8, originally designed for front doors, but works brilliantly on inward opening French Doors too. The Link for the product can be found here.

This gate allows your door to remain open at widths of 52cm, 62cm, or 72cm, depending on your chosen size, providing ample ventilation for your home, and visibility for your dog.

Brackets are mounted to the closed door and to the opening door itself, as the photo below displays. The gate mounted on this inward opening French door is our 52cm option.


2) I have Outward Opening French Doors, with One Door Open: For outward opening French doors where you prefer one of the door's open and the other closed, start by measuring the opening from the frame side to the closed door. Select a gate size most compatible to this width, and the gate will sit perfectly in place, allowing one of your doors to remain open at all times.

Most French doors measure between 80-103cm in width, making our Dog-G8 Plus the ideal fit for you. The Link for this product is here.

The photo below illustrates how this setup looks and features our 93.5cm wide Dog-G8 Plus. Brackets are mounted to the frame on the left and the static door on the right, enabling the gate to hook into place.


3) I have Outward opening French Doors, with Both Open: If you desire to have both French doors open simultaneously, fear not. Simply measure the entire opening, from one side of the frame to the other, or from the wall to wall (wherever you want brackets mounted) and select the gate size most compatible with it.

In most cases, this opening will be anywhere between 120cm-250cm you will need our extra-wide gate. The Link for this gate is here. The photo below shows a extra-wide 218cm gate on display.

Please also note that slight variations in measurements are not a concern and will not affect durability or functionality. The gate can accommodate a slight curve or bow if necessary.


4) I have a Sliding Back Door: Sliding back doors are a common feature in many homes. The gate width you require depends entirely on how wide you want the sliding doors to open.

The photo below features our 52cm gate, which keeps the sliding door open to this width, perfect for air-flow, visibility and ventilation. If you prefer a wider opening, opt for a wider size gate. The Dog-G8 is perfect for sliding doors, and the product Link is here. 


5) I have Bi-Fold Doors, with one open: Bi-fold doors are increasingly popular in UK homes, and fitting a gate here is entirely feasible. Determine whether you want all bi-fold doors open or just one or two.

For a single bi-fold door open, as shown in the photo below, measure the opening from the frame/wall to the first closed static door and select the most compatible gate size, this space typically ranges between 83-103cm in width making our Dog-G8 Plus most suitable and can be found here. Link



6) I have Bi-Fold doors, with all of them open: If you wish to have all bi-fold doors fully open, opt for an extra-wide Dog-G8. With the Link here. You need to simply measure the opening from frame to frame or wall to wall and select the gate size most suitable.

In the photo below shows our extra-wide 166cm-176.5cm wide gate, with the actual space opening at 170cm. The 6cm excess width allows for a slight curve in the gate, as shown. This excess width does not affect durability or functionality. 



7) Conclusion: Like all of our gates, when they are not being used, you can fold them back to one side and out of the way. When they are not needed, they are completely removable—simply pop them in storage. Only the brackets that house the gate stay permanently in place.

Additionally, if you are mounting to PVC, there's no need for screws—the brackets will bond with 3M high-grade adhesive and hold the weight of the gate and any dog pushing against it. Alternatively if you wish to screw into place, we provide TIMCO self tappers. 

The Dog-G8 range can be fitted to nearly any configuration. If you're unsure which gate is right for you, do not hesitate to contact our team via email or WhatsApp.

You're welcome to send over photos and measurements, and our team will assist you in finding the perfect fit.