Step up security with a dog door gate for your dog day care or boarding business

Security in relation to our dogs is front of mind more than ever at the moment. With dog thefts on the rise, we all want to do everything we can to protect our dogs and keep them out of harm's way.

For professional dog day cares and boarding establishments, security and dog safety have always been a high priority. A quick install dog door gate can deliver enormous peace of mind and is an easy way to add an extra layer of protection.

In the UK, you have to be licensed by your local council to provide doggy day care and dog boarding services, and one of the criteria is to provide a premises that is secure and escape-proof.

Dog-G8 is an indispensable piece of kit to add an extra layer of security to your dog day care or boarding facility, which will satisfy your licensing officer, your clients, and, most importantly, keep the dogs in your care safe.


Keep dogs safe at your dog day care or boarding premises with a dog door gate

There's a lot that goes into running a professional dog day care or boarding facility. As devoted animal lovers, business owners often look for the best equipment to help keep the dogs in their care protected.

You'll be using pet-safe cleaning products, ensuring the dogs in attendance are vaccinated and in good health and that they're happy and content in each other's company.

In addition to the healthcare measures you put in place, you'll also be thinking about what safety and security procedures you can use to separate dogs when necessary and crucially to stop an opportunist dog from escaping.

Our Dog-G8 is a unique dog safety gate that allows you to open a door with a barrier in place to prevent entry or exit. The concertina-style gate means that it neatly folds up when not in use and opens smoothly whenever the door is opened.


Using a Dog-G8 adds an extra security level to your dog day care or boarding premises, helping you to reduce the risk of escape, avoiding any chancer mishaps!


Dog Boarding and Day care Regulations

On October 18th, 2018, the Animal Activities Licensing Regulation came into force, requiring all dog day care and boarding facilities to obtain a license by law.

Applications are assessed by licensing inspectors from your local borough council, and they evaluate your dog day care or home boarding facility based on many factors. You need to implement adequate record-keeping, address health and safety protocols, complete risk assessments, adhere to dog-to-human ratios that are set, and ensure the dogs in your care are appropriately exercised and enriched when they're in your care.

One of the requirements to obtain a day care or boarding license is to have at least two physical barriers between a dog and any entrance or exit to the property. This can be achieved using doors or dog gates, and the purpose is to reduce the risk of a dog escaping your premises.

It only takes a second for a dog to slip out whilst you're taking a delivery or welcoming a client in, having a two-pronged approach to address this not only keeps the dogs safe, but it gives you peace of mind.

A Dog-G8 is an easy-to-install and affordable method that you can implement in minutes to increase safety and security for the dogs in your care.

Coupled with other practical protocols, you can satisfy your licensing officer's requirements and demonstrate a serious commitment to safeguarding all the dogs you look after.

"We bought the Dog-G8 as we needed a safe way to open the outdoor gate to customers, without our Diddy dogs escaping. The Dog-G8 solved our safety issues and is so easy to install too.

Even our licensing inspector approved of the Dog-G8."

Jill Loomes (5* licensed dog day care and boarder in Fareham)


Pet safety barrier for dog groomers, trainer, and pet professionals

As well as dog day care and boarding establishments, we have had dog trainers and groomers praise the benefits of our dog door gate. If you have dogs on your premises and are likely to have surprise arrivals at the door, then a dog gate is a really easy and valuable safety barrier to have in place.

"Very handy for our dog training premises to prevent people who drop by on the off chance of speaking to us from just walking in during a training session or class and a dog racing out the door!"

Joe Nutkins KC Accredited Dog Trainer  


Reassurance for your clients

Ultimately, aside from the licensing implications, any measures or protocols you can put in place to reassure your clients of their dog's safety when in your care are worthwhile. It’s also a relief for you to know that you’ve covered all bases. There is nothing more valuable than peace of mind when caring for other people’s pets.

Making the decision to entrust your beloved dog to someone else's care is a huge deal, and every step you can take to show forethought and risk management helps you show clients how hard you work to provide the highest levels of care. 

Browse our unique dog door gates here and enjoy the sense of calm that added security delivers