Q. How do I fix Dog-G8 to my door?

A. If you have a uPVC or composite door, we provide 3M VHB double sided adhesive tabs, this takes away the need for screwing into your doors. If you have a wooden door, we provide the required wood screws. 

Q. How strong are the adhesive tabs?

A. Dog-G8 has extensively trialled the 3M VHB adhesive tabs, and they will hold your Dog-G8 securely. In our trials the adhesive tabs held firm with a direct pull force of over 25kg. 

Q. Can I extend my Dog-G8?

A. Yes, as Dog-G8 is modular you will just need to purchase extra sections to create the required extension. See Shop for further details.

Q. Can I fix my Dog-G8 to my uPVC door without screws?

A. Yes, we include a high grade adhesive tape which will fix the mounting brackets without the need to use screws. If the adhesive needs to be removed this will leave no damage to the applied area.

Q. Can I fit Dog-G8 to alternative doors in my house?

A. Yes, Dog-G8 can be fitted to all inward opening and sliding doors.

Q. How strong is the high-grade adhesive tape you have supplied?

A. When the mounting brackets are fitted with adhesive tape, as per our instructions, the tape will withstand a pull load in excess of 25kg.  

Q. Can I use my Dog-G8 to fit across my internal door frame?

A. Yes, as Dog-G8 is modular you will need to purchase extra sections.
To achieve the required width, you will need to measure your internal door frame to calculate how many extra sections to purchase (each extra section will allow 10.5cm of width). See shop for further details. 

Q. Can I use my Dog-G8 to replace my current stair gate?

A. Yes, Dog-G8 can be used to prevent dogs having access to the stairs, you will need to purchase additional sections to achieve the width required. However Dog-G8 is never to be used to prevent children from using stairs.