Real Life Debate 'Do women need a ring on their finger?'

Many men don't wear a wedding band - including Prince William - and now women are shrinking the tradition, too...

Do women need a ring on their finger?

YES 'It's a symbol of the life we've shared'

Julie Maxted, 58, lives in Horsham, West Sussex, with her husband, Peter, 61. 

My wedding ring means everything to me, and it doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I'm going, it never leaves my finger. My yellow-gold sapphire ring is a symbol of everything Peter and I have together - 34 years of marriage and three grown-up children. 

After wearing my engagement and wedding rings for three decades, I'd lost a few diamonds from them and they'd started to look tatty. So, for our 30th anniversary, Peter had them melted together and combined with sapphires from a pair of earring he;d bought me when we were first dating, to create the beautiful one I wear now. I love it. 

I sleep with it on and I'd feel naked going out without it. Peter only takes his off to do things like decorating or gardening, and leaves it on his bedside table at night. 

If he ever stopped wearing it, I think I'd feel upset. But it's not about feeling insecure - I'm very happily married - it's about the importance of wearing a ring when you're married to symbolise the bond you share. It's a historical symbol, deep-rooted in our culture, and I definitely take the wearing of one seriously. 

Julie and Peter run the Dog-G8 Company - see