PBW News (Pet Business World) – Dog-G8 spots new opening.

WITH animal safety at the forefront of their thinking and in particular dog safety, entrepreneurs Julie and Peter Maxted have launched a door gate through their business The Dog-G8 Company.

The couple went looking for a simple and cost-effective way of resolving the problem of dogs running out of open doors, seeking a product that would keep them safely behind the door and also protect anyone coming to the door. They looked at various types of ‘gates’ but felt they just didn’t deal with the issues – so they decided to develop their own safety gate.

After many months of in-depth development and working with a Peterborough-based engineering company, the Dog-G8 was born.

“The beauty of the Dog-G8 is that it fixes really neatly to the front door of a house and it is very attractive in appearance.” Said Julie.

Julie and Peter say they are ‘very proud’ that their Dog-G8 is a British-made product.