Daily Mail March 2021 – "KEEP THEM INSIDE"

WHAT IT IS: The Dog-G8 is a slender, portable metal safety barrier that attaches to doors and folds in and out like a concertina as they open and close. It's like a baby gate for dogs, to stop them getting out of the house and into the hands of thieves. The barriers are 88cm high and the brackets can be attached to any uPVC door with high-grade adhesive tape, or screwed into a wooden door or post. The gate can be detached from the brackets and used elsewhere. When the door opens, the Dog-G8 does too and your dog is kept inside.

ON TEST: I'm not aware of any dogs being stolen near our house but the postman tolerates our spaniels trying to get in his van every morning, so this is just what I need. If we manage to get away this summer, I'd definitely take one. They are perfect for a holiday let, where I might worry about opportunistic thieves.

STEWART SAYS: This is a great way of keeping dogs in the house, so you know where they are while still being able to open the door. Dog thefts aside, it's also excellent for preventing them getting onto the road. 7/10.