PUPPY POST The Magazine – Many new puppy and dog owners are finding Dog-G8 extremely useful and here are a couple of testimonials.

"This dog gate is amazing, worth every penny to keep our fur babies safe from running out the front door. Easy to install in minutes a must for all dog owners, peace of mind, really fast delivery, effective communication. I would recommend the Dog-G8 to every dog owner – it's so unique, a great design, much better than a baby gate as it folds away next to the door.'

"We use our Dog-G8 as a room divider in our hallway and could not be more pleased with this product and the service provided by Julie and Peter. Dog-G8 offers use peace of mind knowing that our puppy, Wilson, is safe roaming about the lounge and garden. Whether it be the children popping in and out whilst playing on their bikes or myself lugging in the oof shoping, we don't have to worry about the safety of WIlson when the front door is open. But the best bit for us is Wilson can see everything that is going on so that he doesn't feel like he's being left out and it's all thanks to Dog-G8! I would highly recommend this product to any puppy or dog owner."