Paws For Thought - Dog Safety Gate - Dog-G8


We are finding many people with disabilities love our Dog-G8, as it allows the front door to be opened easily, without the added worry of 'where are the dogs!'. Dog-G8 is strong and reliable and very easy to fit, you can use our superb stick tabs on UPVC doors, so no screws required. Dog-G8 is also fully manufactured in the UK. 

One Lady who purchased a Dog-G8 is Vivienne and she says:

"At present I have an Assistance Dog called Elsa and as she has now passed 10 and I have to think about the future. Elsa is a Goldendoodle and last year I agreed to purchase a puppy of the same breed which arrived in March. I bought the Dog-G8 in anticipation of the arrival of our puppy. It seemed to us to be most suitable to stop the puppy rushing out of the front door. If someone knocked. 

My husband found it quite easy to fit especially following advice from Peter Maxted, the designer of the device. 

We are sure it will do what we want but, as we collected the puppy the day the lockdown instructions were issued, no one has actually yet knocked at our door"