Our Story

Founder, Peter Maxted has worked within the pet industry for over 19 years, specialising in pet care.

Several years ago Peter researched dog safety gates to see if he could keep his dog, Jack, and his clients dogs safer at the front door. He found the market to be limited and other products to be ineffective, so Peter decided to set about designing his own front door safety gate, consequently the DOG-G8 was born.

As time passed there was an ever increasing demand for larger, wider gates to fit set ups other to the front door, such as Stairways, Motorhomes and Hallways. Therefore, Peter created DOG-G8 Plus to meet this demand. Now both variants of gates are available. 

The Dog-G8 Company is a family business, all members are incredibly passionate about dogs and in-particular keeping dogs safer in their day to day lives.

The Dog-G8 Company is based in West Sussex and has been trading since September 2019.


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