All purpose, compact, British made retractable dog safety gates.

About The Product

Easy to install - The gates' two mounting brackets can be attached to any PVC door/surface with 3M high grade adhesive tape provided, no screwing is necessary. Alternatively, mounting brackets can be attached to other doors/surfaces with self-tapping screws provided. A detailed installation instruction pack is included.

Fully Assembled - Dog-G8 gates will arrive fully assembled, taking away the need to sit and build an order.

Durable - The gate's metal work is made from Mild-Steel and coated in Chrome or Powder Coated in White.

Removable - Dog-G8 can be detached from its mounting brackets, allowing for the gate to be stored away. Or, if extra brackets are bought a Dog-G8 can used on alternative doors and openings within your home. (click here for additional brackets - sold separately).

Lightweight - Both variants of gates are lightweight with Dog-G8 weighing 1.10kg and Dog-G8 Plus weighing 2.50kg. This light weight allows for easy engagement and removability.

Modular - Dog-G8’s modular design allows for additional panels to be added or taken away, resulting in a wider or narrower opening respectively. Each panel added will increase a gates width by 10.5cm. (click here for additional mid sections - sold separately).

Unobtrusive - When Dog-G8 is not in use, the retractable feature allows for the gate to be folded flat. It will sit discreetly and out of the way until it is needed again.  

Bespoke Holding Clips - The gate is joined together by bespoke two-piece plastic clips with a centre chrome locking screw. These bespoke holding clips are a small but critical component, enabling the gate's modular and concertina design. These clips are manufactured in Horsham UK, the same town The Dog-G8 Co was founded.

Customisation - As part of Dog-G8's modular design, custom made widths can be created to meet any large opening. Please Contact Us for more details.

These qualities create a truly unique and stylish, yet practical, durable and dependable dog safety gate. A reliable and convenient feature to benefit any dog owner.


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All Dog-G8 gates are made in Britain.

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