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Horsham Based Company Launches……Dog-G8

Having built up two successful pet related businesses, Peter and Julie Maxted are now set for their third pet related business.

Julie had been running ‘Holiday Help 4 Petz’, a pet-sitting service for all kinds of pets since 2002. In 2009 Peter joined Julie on this business, and they then took the decision to franchise the business. 

They formed ‘The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company’ and since then, they have twenty nine franchises across the UK, all the way from Whitley Bay to Plymouth, and it continues to grow. 

Animal safety in their businesses has always been at the forefront of their thinking and in particular dog safety.

They have seen the huge increases of more daily calls to homes from postal workers and the online shopping couriers, with this increase it was becoming apparent there was a massive safety issue for both the dogs and the callers to the home. The flash point is every time the front was door being opened.  On average, eight postal workers are bitten every day in the UK, and the other delivery companies and couriers also face the same problem.

So Peter went looking for a simple and cost effective way of resolving this issue, as well as keeping the dogs safe behind an open front door. He looked at various types of ‘gates’ designed to try and stop this happening, however, he felt just didn’t deal with all the aspects of this problem enough.

So he decided to develop his own safety gate. After many months of in-depth development, and also working with a Peterborough-based engineering company, The Dog-G8 was born.

The beauty of Dog-G8 is that it fixes really neatly to the front door of a house and it is very attractive in appearance. Dog-G8 will stop a dog running out every time the door is opened, by keeping the dog safely behind a physical barrier. It also protects the caller at the door, which is really important. Peter has designed Dog-G8 to be easily removable when not required, and fully modular should you wish to extend Dog-G8 wider.

The Dog-G8 Company knows it has developed a ‘game-changer’ regarding the safety of dogs and callers to any home that has a Dog-G8 fitted.

What they are also very proud of is Dog-G8 is a totally British-made product.

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